Available kittens born 17/04/2010 Sire QGC Coonfellas Isaac Dam Riverview Manor Blue Bell Girl
Available kittens born 22/04/2010 Sire RW QGC Coonfellas Isaac Dam Riverview Manor Bagheera
Available Kittens born 28/06/2010 Sire IW SGC Acadiapark's Sherman Dam RW QGC LAPD Bewitched

Adult Maine Coon available :

Retired and young adults, contact us.

About price 

Cattery Expenditures

Vet expenses: first and second shots for the kittens, annual vaccinations for the adults, rabies and titer for the show cats, unexpected procedures like C-section, antibiotics, de-worming, dental treatments and checkups. We also test all the kittens for FIV and feline leukemia before departure. Adult cats are DNA tested for HCM and PKD. We also do regular heart echographies.

Show and registration costs: Plane and car rides, hotels registration of cats, shampoos, cages, specific decorations. Our cats are registered both with TICA and LOOF. Annual membership is 30 dollars. Litter registration with LOOF is 10 euros per cat and each pedigree is 25 euros per cat. TICA registration of a kitten varies between 10 and 15 US Dollars.

Domestic costs: litter 40 euros a week (more if we have kittens), food 2400 euros per year (more if we have kittens). Beds, tree climbers. Products to clean the litter boxes or the floors.

Finally costs of purchasing cats: 2000 dollars without shipment.





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