Who is Riverview Manor? 

We are a small, family cattery based near Paris. Our cats live with and among us in the house.

Our fascination with Maine Coon cats dates back to 1998 as a result to a feline show in the middle of the forest of Rambouillet . We fell completely in love with a very large cat with extremely feral attributes – a Maine Coon. Needless to say she came home with us. 

Where do our Maine Coons come from? 

We began a formal breeding program based on Maine Coons brought into France from a highly regarded American cattery, Willowplace, at the time based in North Carolina. 


We began showing our cats in TICA seriously in 2001 after the arrival of a truly magnificent cat, Acadiapark’s Sherman. We took him to shows everywhere, especially all over the US. He had fabulous results in shows. We continue to participate in shows on a regular basis to validate our program and to upgrade our cats’ pedigrees.


What are we trying to achieve with our breeding program?

Our objective is to offer kittens of the highest caliber, whether they are destined for stardom in cat shows or for the simple pleasure of cat lovers. We share the concerns about the quality of the breed and as a result we pay great attention to the health (overall and genetic) of our cats, particular the breeders. 

The latter have all been tested negative through DNA test for HCM and PKD. The copies of the tests are provided to new owners as one element of our quality and health guarantee.

From time to time we place neutered adults with new owners – please keep an eye out for announcements. In order to explore the timing of litters and the availability of kittens, you may fill out the form on the kitten page or give us a call!

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy the rest of the site!



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